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-Why Thailand?
Officine Salvadori wants to reduce production cost for small and medium companies through the production of articles, artifacts, complex mechanical chunks or entire appliances in Thailand. Thailand has not been a casual choice. Nowadays is a must, for companies that want to grow or not to loose the customer base, to hold down the expenses. For large scale corporation or business firm the problems are not the same, much more difficulties are placed instead for small and medium companies. Even in monetary matter. Many huge group have already opened offices, factory and production lines oversea. One of the most wanted nation where to expand production is, already from many years, China. Even the Chinese did understand the importance of decentralize industries. They are oriented in the African continent that, for some reason, it is not keep under great consideration from westerns businessmen. For a small or medium firm the mission China could turn out in massive expenses and small result. It is an uncertain terrain to move in. Thailand is much more easy. It is not a third World country, infrastructures are excellent, people are friendly and quite English speaking (not always...). Good road with English signs, good intercity buses and low cost carrier give a certain western feeling to the entrepreneur that come to visit here. The situation is almost the same in Bangkok (the capital city) as well as in smaller provincial cities. To have a comfortable time in Thailand it is not necessary to spend a fortune in wonderful Sheraton or Hilton. Small enterprise offer you good standard for smaller costs. The weather is also on your side: about 30 degrees (Celsius) all year-round. All the cities have air-conditioned malls and maybe you will forget to be in an tropical environment. Thailand is not a off-shore tax haven and the bank transaction between Thailand and others country does not look suspicious. The  fiscal burden is not over 30%.

2 -How to do it
Probably the idea to move in a new country for new profitable business, or only to open up a small companies for the future, already did jump in your mind, and even more than one time. But how to do it? What to do once the country has been chosen? And again, what to do once in the airport (maybe the Bangkok one)? Where to go? To who I have to aim? Of course it is not desirable just to stop somebody in the street. Think and think and the idea remain an idea, better to be busy with the usual production related troubles.
We simplify all: not a new companies, no new lawyer fee, no new law to learn: we just will produce for you your piece or your whole machine for a cheaper price, under your supervision.


-How much will be the price?
We are not a travel agency, not even an brokerage house or expatriation consultants. Our mission is to produce. After the first two days of introduction your expenses will consist (beside the flight) in just the material price plus technicians cooperation for the time they will follow your instructions or your explanations of the project. Everything will depend on your artifact. To give you a real idea of the price it is necessary to send to each others some email. If you are thinking about a really simple piece so will not necessary a trip, we can deal everything by mail. You always have to contact us in advance by email to discuss detail first. Once the sample will be realized it will be in our interest to offer you a competitive price to start the cooperation. If you will be still thinking to open up your own company or your oversea office, this can be your better experience: closely follow a company on site in the realization of a sample

4 -Project-business
The development opportunity of the idea to let built some parts out of the own company to hold down the expenses are quite a lot. You can realized it in many ways,  from a small circuit built overseas to an entire machinery in a new and full own company created only with this purpose. It will help also with tax issues and import-export bureaucracy. We can study together the better solution and eventually start a joint-venture.

5 -My new office
Once you will see the situation with your own eyes maybe you can also thin to have your own office here. For a good start you can use us as mailbox and we can also lend some employ.

6 -Thailand small overview
Invest in Thailand means to enter in a country as big as France with 64 million people on 514.000 square km. (Italy: 60 million people on 300.000 square km; Switzerland: 7,5 million peopleon 41.000 square km). The capital is Bangkok (in Thai language: Krung Thep) with about 10 million people. The countri is half way between China and India, a perfect location for present and future trading business. Stock exchange index on June 5, 2008Is the most developed nation of the area. Good infrastructures assure continuous investment from abroad. Also the Thai stock exchange is in a growing period. trutture. Click the image for details. The expenses of your Thailand staying can be sumarized in 20 euro per day for food and again 20 euro a days for lodging.


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