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Ice cream freezer or display in action (freezing cabinet for ice cream and cakes):

A nice and useful accessory to make spaghetti ice cream:


 Brand new design ice cream display, gelato show case, freezer ice cream.

Display for gelato (ice cream show case) studied from Italians gelato men (ice cream men, but please don't call the Italian gelato ice-cream, the name is "gelato" also in English. We can call this window a pragmatic display: it avoids the mist formation along the glasses (vacuum double glasses) thanks to their inside resistance. Moreover you will not ever see ice formation inside the basin. The window is provided with defrosting system consisting in a temporary total inversion of cycle of the comprehensive duration of 5 minutes. The eventually water formation during this operation comes collected in an appropriate vaporized tool and it is not necessary any operation to empty the water. It is an extremely professional product. Also the window for pastry shop has the no-mist system for the glass and the shelf can also be cooled.


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Scoop washer! To wash and keep clean your scoop spoon: 7,000.00 baht!


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