Quality resutlts chopped meat, perfect mozzarella cheese pieces and breadcrumbs with Italsupplies restaurant products

Meat mincer, grater, cheese cutter

Italiano ภาษาไทย (เครื่องบดเนื้อ,เครื่องบดขนมปัง,เครื่องตัดชีสมอล์เซ่เร่ล่า)

International restaurant equipment

ITALSUPPLIES IMPORT-EXPORT from Italy. Quality products for sale in Thailand with warranty and after sale service. Meat mincer (or meat chopper or meat grinders). Graters for bread and hard cheese like parmesan and others, mozzarella cheese cutter for pizza and other uses. Useful equipment for Italian and international cousine and for Thai food kitchen as well. For restaurant, hotel, chef. Direct import allow human price. Call to: 0982602182 Thai (0982602182 English-Italian). Or email to info@italsupplies.com info@italsupplies.com For other products follow the below navigation menu'.

meat grinder, bread crumber, cheese cutter

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Please note:

The "Tagliamozzarella" (mozzarella cheese cutter) is also a vegetable cutter and a mushroom cutter. It comes with Z7 cone for shredding as standard. Optional: slicing and shredding cones of different sizes
The mozzarella cheese cutter can:

  1. cut vegetables
  2. cut mushrooms
  3. cut other kind of cheese or even bread

Heavy duty machine with motor with thermal protection for operate till 50kg of mozzarella or 50 kg of vegetables or 50 kg od mushrooms per hour.

The products for sale in this page are: meat mincer, bread grater, cheese and vegetable cutter. All the products have Italian and European certification and apply actual and reliable standard with continuos upgrade. All produtcs are directly imported without middle man. Open ar revamp your restaurant, your kitchen with our quality and affordable products.

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