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Contact us for a detailed quote, also for other models. The oven will be a cram color (like in the above pictures) 175cm x 175cm. It can be realized also in different styles (made to order) or you can let you team modify as you wish. Delivery time: one week from order.

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Fired wood oven pizza (click to enlarge) combined gas:

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A real fired wood oven for Italian tasty pizza. If you want you can combine it with gas so you don't need anymore wood, or just few pieces to a better look and taste of your pizza. It can be combined aslo in a secon time after the purchase.

Features of the fired wood pizza oven:

The firewood pizza oven is an oven to cook pizza with wood. It is realized in special refractory bricks with special refractory cement, usual size about 175x175 cm. The dome that will contain the fire and the pizza will be suitable to cook 4 and even 5 pizza at the same time, the pizza must be rotate and alternate steadily. The entrance of the dome will consist in an iron cover and then a brick arch that will hide a hood connected with the flue.

To get a tasty and unique pizza must be used a wooden fire pizza oven. For a good use of the oven you should place it at least 80 cm from the floor; the arch will be around 60 cm high. You can use any kind of wood. The best result are from Eucalypt or fir-wood. Never use rubber-wood or wood from used stuff, furniture. The wood must not be treated.

Tables to eat pizza: