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Price: about 300.000 baht (about 6400 euro). Self-import price (shipping and custom taxes are not included): 200,000 baht. Please, ask for a more accurate quote.
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This gelato maker it is a vertical ice-cream maker. During its loop it can be stopped to open the superior door and add ingredients. This option is useful like in the case of the preparation of stracciatella and/or other variegated creams. It is an air cooled machine and produces 3.5 kg of ice cream in 12 minutes. Easy to use and with noteworthy results also for the most sophisticated gelato decorators of trendy ice-saloon. The "knives" were specially studied and shaped from a team of gelatai (ice-cream men) and Italian technicians. Please don't call the Italian gelato ice-cream, the name is "gelato" also in English, thank you.


How to make quality gelato?



Home made fresh gelato it is not the ice-cream you buy in the supermarket. To make a tasty and creamy gelato you do not need and industry. It is much more simply than what you think, but not easy, if you have never done it before! There are two kind of gelato: cream gelato and fruit gelato. The difference is that in the fruit type there is no milk, just water instead. So, you need to mix sugar, water, (e.g.) strawberry plus strawberry aroma or concentrated because the gelato is cold (usually served –7) and so the taste tend to vanish, then you need the stabilizer (better if natural originated) otherwise you will get a block of ice instead of a soft gelato; those ingredient will be first blended in a container with a strong mixer (1) and then mixed in a cold environment: the gelato machine (2), then dropped in to a pan (3) and… it is done! For the non-fruit taste, e.g. chocolate, coffee, tiramisu… we have first to pasteurize milk together with sugar and the stabilizer . Once you get a sort of white paste you must put it in the gelato machine with (e.g.) coffee and or coffee aroma to get the gelato ready to be served (4). So, just order this machine; you will get the know-how also (condition to be discussed).